1.3. Rise and towage


By means of a mobile jack

For change of wheels it is necessary to use a mobile jack which is established in the special nests of fastening of a jack located from each party of the car.

By means of a garage mobile jack

In front as a support it is necessary to use a frame cross-piece. Behind start the lever under a case of the bridge or under suspension bracket raskosa. In all cases establish under support axes.


The towing cable fastens for the ring eye located on the right side in front of and behind the car.

Towage of the car with automatic transmission is allowed at distance no more than 120 km with a speed no more than 50 km/h. At the same time the lever of the selector of the choice of transfers has to is in situation "N" (neutral), and knots of transmission have to be filled with the greasing liquid according to operational norms.

At towage raise a back part of the car over the road by long distances or disconnect the driveshaft.

Rise points

The automobile elevator on HUNDRED on a cross-piece frames

The automobile elevator on HUNDRED for the back bridge

The automobile jack attached to the car