10.2. Check and replacement of blocks of disk brake mechanisms

Points of lubricant of a brake shoe

Scheme of the razzhimny mechanism

Connection of the brake highway


  1. Tighten the parking brake, lift a jack a car front, fix the car and remove wheels.
  2. Disconnect nippers the wear sensor socket (if it is established).

    During the works on supports like "Tivs" for removal of hairpins of fastening of blocks use a drift of the Bendiks or Girling types, remove clips and a fastening hairpin vypressuyta.

  3. Using flat-nose pliers, drown one of blocks and its piston in a cavity of the cylinder and remove a block.
  4. Carry out fault detection of a block and, if necessary, replace all blocks of forward brake mechanisms.
  5. Completely drown one of pistons in a cylinder cavity, apply a thin layer of heat-resistant brake lubricant on edges and a back surface of a new brake shoe and insert a block into a support. Similarly establish the second block.
  6. Establish the holding spring on blocks, hammer hairpins (put clips).
  7. Connect wires to the sensor of wear of brake slips.
  8. Carry out similar work on the second wheel.
  9. Establish wheels and lower the car.

    Operations on replacement of blocks of disk brake mechanisms of back wheels are similarly performed.