10.3. Removal, dismantling and installation of a brake bracket

Brake bracket

1, 10 — a bracket
2 — the piston
3 — a sealant
4 — a brake shoe
5 — a fastening hairpin

6 — a brake disk
7 — a cap heat-shielding
8 — a lock ring
9 — a boot

Removal of the brake mechanism of wheels

Brake mechanism of forward wheels

1 — a brake disk
2 — the protection cover
3 — a rotary fist
4 — самоконтрящийся a bolt
5 — a brake bracket
6 — the holder of a wire

7 — a bolt
8 — the socket
9 — a clip of fastening of the sensor
10 — a nave of a forward wheel
11 — самоконтрящийся a bolt


  1. Prepare the car and remove the necessary forward wheel.
  2. Remove brake shoes (as it is specified earlier).
  3. Turn off a cover of a tank of brake fluid of the main brake cylinder, enclose under it laying from sheet polyethylene, densely screw a cover to reduce losses of liquid at further operations.
  4. Turn off a bolt of fastening of the sensor of wear of blocks from a support.
  5. Weaken connection of a brake hose on a brake bracket.
  6. Turn out bolts of fastening and remove a brake bracket from a rotary fist, turn off nipple connection of a flexible hose.
  7. For removal of the brake mechanism of back wheels operations are performed similarly, only lift a back part of the car and remove a brake bracket from a wheel nave.


Control of provision of bore


  1. Remove dustproof caps, but do not damage a napressovanny ring.
  2. Air pressure from the tire pump connected to the entrance union of a hydraulic actuator on a brake bracket put forward one of pistons, holding the opposite piston.
  3. Having blocked an opening of the taken-out piston (thick rubber), similarly put forward the second piston.
  4. Mark pistons and the corresponding cylinders that at assembly not to mix.
  5. Make fault detection of a surface of pistons and cylinders. Existence of zadir, a holding strap, attritions demands replacement of all brake bracket.
  6. Take out sealing rings from flutes of cylinders and establish new sealing rings, having cleaned them pure brake fluid. Rings are established manually.
  7. Grease pistons with brake fluid and insert them into the corresponding cylinders. Turn pistons so that their bores settled down at an angle 20 ° rather lower part of a bracket, and carry out an inspection of their situation a template.
  8. Move pistons against the stop and establish dustproof caps.
  9. Heat-shielding caps be also convinced by Napressuyte that a driving part of the piston acts not less, than on 0,1 mm over a surface of a heat-shielding cap. Caps of external and internal pistons are various and are not interchanged.
  10. Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal. Carry out removal of air from a hydraulic actuator.