10.5.2. Removal of air from the main cylinder

After discharge of brake fluid or removal of the main cylinder before its installation into place it is necessary to pump over the cylinder.


  1. Insert carving traffic jams into outlets of the brake line and screw them so that they did not pass air, but at the same time they could be weakened easily.
  2. Fill a tank with brake fluid.
  3. Remove one stopper and enter the piston into the cylinder so that to distil from it air. It is possible to press on the piston by means of the big screw-driver.
  4. In order that air did not pass back in the main cylinder before weakening pressure upon the piston, establish into place a stopper and fix it.

    To repeat this procedure until the liquid following from the outlet does not cease to contain vials of air, then to pass to the following opening and again to repeat all procedure. You watch that the tank with brake fluid did not become empty since otherwise air can get to system.

  5. Put on a new ring of round section on the vacuum amplifier, install the main cylinder and fixing nuts and tighten them till the set moment.
  6. Connect tubes and electrosockets. Check operation of the sensor of level of brake fluid, having pressed on a black pear in the top part of a tank. At the same time the bulb on the control panel has to light up.
  7. On models with the manual transmission pump over hydraulic system of coupling.
  8. On the models equipped with pressure difference indicator press a dumping pin on zero acting from the switch.
  9. Pump over the brake system.