10.6.2. Steel brake pipelines

When replacing brake tubes use only steel with double walls. The size of a tube is determined by its external diameter.

If ready tubes do not manage to be got, find the suitable steel tubes and connecting details similar to that which you are going to replace. To determine necessary length by an old tube and to cut off the corresponding piece of a new tube, having added on the ends approximately 12 — 14 mm on rolling.


  1. Establish connecting details for the ends of a new tube and a junction razvaltsuyta.
  2. Give to a tube the necessary form according to an old form.
  3. If you have no the necessary equipment, it is possible to hand over tubes for flaring and are flexible on HUNDRED.
  4. At installation of a new brake tube check that the gap between it and any moving parts made at least 3/4 inches.