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10.6.3. Vacuum amplifier of a brake

The vacuum amplifier is installed between a pedal of a brake and the main brake cylinder and serves for increase in the effort made for a brake pedal. Strengthening turns out due to the depression brought from an inlet collector of the engine via the backpressure valve. At the released brake pedal depression moves in a cavity on both sides of an internal diaphragm. When pressing a pedal one of cavities is reported with the atmosphere and by that the effort of pressing increases because of pressure difference influencing an internal diaphragm. Malfunction of the vacuum amplifier does not exert impact on efficiency of brakes, but however demands application of bigger effort to a brake pedal.

For check of functioning of the amplifier switch off the engine and several times press a brake pedal for depression removal. Press a pedal and, holding it pressed, start the engine. On idling turns the brake pedal slightly will sink to a body floor that demonstrates normal operation of the amplifier.

Details of a pedal of a brake, vacuum amplifier and main cylinder

1 — an arm
2 — an ottyazhny spring
3 — lock-nuts
4 — the stoplight switch
5 — a brake pedal
6 — a motor board

7 — a pusher
8 — a partition
9 — laying
10 — the vacuum amplifier
11 — a sealing ring ("X")
12 — the main cylinder

Removal and installation


  1. For removal of the vacuum amplifier at first remove the main brake cylinder (see. Main brake cylinder).
  2. Disconnect a vacuum hose, having turned off a connecting nut.
  3. Remove the lower part of the dashboard in salon.
  4. Disconnect a pusher of the amplifier from the brake pedal lever, having turned off a nut and having removed a bolt (remove a lock ring and take out an axis).
  5. Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal. At the same time between the main cylinder and the amplifier the new sealing ring has to be put.