10.6.4. Removal and installation of the switch of a stoplight

The switch of a stoplight is located on a pedal arm under a steering column.

Stoplight switch

1 — an adjusting arm of a pedal of a brake
2 — an ottyazhny spring
3 — a six-sided nut
4 — the stoplight lamp switch

5 — the brake pedal lever
6 — the contact button
7 — a hinged bolt
and — the adjusting size


  1. Disconnect switch wires, an internal nut of fastening and remove the switch from an arm.
  2. Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.
  3. Adjust position of the switch by means of fastening nuts so that fires of a stoplight lit up after 5 — 15 mm of the course of the lever of a pedal. At completely released pedal between the lever of a pedal and a motionless part of the switch there has to be a gap (a) in 6 — 8 mm.