10.6. Hoses and pipelines

Flexible hoses

Each six months it is necessary to lift the car and to examine the flexible hoses connecting steel brake tubes to forward and back brakes on cracks, attritions, leakages, swellings and other damages. These hoses are important and very vulnerable part of the brake system and are subject to the most careful survey (you can use a pocket mirror and a bulb). If on a hose any defects are found, it should be replaced.


  1. By means of a key disconnect a hose in the place of its connection with the rigid line and then turn out it from a brake bracket or a connecting detail.
  2. At installation of a hose check that all bolts and threaded connections were pure. At a vvertyvaniye of a hose use only hands. Having screwed a hose, tighten it a key.
  3. Having established a hose, check that on it there were no sharp excesses and twistings. Make sure that the hose does not concern any details of a suspension bracket, having turned wheels in extreme right and extreme left situation. If the hose concerns a suspension bracket, it is necessary to shift a tightening plate on an arm of a hose and to move a hose.
  4. Fill in brake fluid in a tank and pump over system.