10.7.1. Adjustment

It is possible to approach the screw-driver through an opening under a wheel bolt an adjusting asterisk of the parking brake


  1. Turn off on one bolt of each of back wheels. You will hang out a back part of the car, previously having recorded a lobby. Completely release the parking brake.
  2. Turn wheels so that in an opening the gear adjusting disk was visible to a bolt. Insert the screw-driver and turn an adjusting disk to a wheel zatormazhivaniye, then turn off on 2 — 3 teeth so that the wheel could rotate freely.
  3. After similar adjustment on the second wheel lower the car, turn and tighten two bolts.
  4. Tighten the brake drive, defining number of the clicks demanded for its full inhaling. If this number is too big, adjust a cable tension turn of the screw of the equalizer located behind the transmission. The screw ear always has to be in vertical position.