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10.7.2. Check and replacement of blocks of the parking brake


  1. Remove brake disks of back wheels (see Survey, removal and installation of a brake disk).
  2. Carefully wipe brakes from dust. You watch to inhaling it.
  3. Measure thickness of brake slips and if they are worn-out to thickness of 1,5 mm, replace blocks.
  4. For removal of lock springs of blocks combine one of openings under a wheel bolt serially with each spring, squeeze a spring the screw-driver and then turn it on 90 ° to release.
  5. Note the provision of ottyazhny springs and then unhook and remove the lower spring.
  6. Part the lower part of blocks and drag them together with the mechanism of adjustment and the top ottyazhny spring under an axis flange.
  7. Unhook the top ottyazhny spring and remove blocks from the adjustment mechanism.
  8. If necessary remove a dilator from the operating rope, having pulled out a pin with a head.
  9. Wash out a dilator in solvent and dry wipe it. Miss the mark contact surfaces with a small amount of jellied lubricant on a molybdenic basis.
  10. Connect a dilator to the operating rope and establish into place a pin. Hold a pin on the place, having taken away a dilator to a basic plate of a brake.
  11. Check bolts, the fixing basic plates and the holder's case, by means of a face key.
  12. Grease a carving of the mechanism of adjustment with a small amount of heat-resistant lubricant and then install the mechanism at its minimum length.
  13. Install top (with a big cut) the ends of blocks in the adjustment mechanism so that the wheel of the mechanism looked on in front of the car, and fasten the top ottyazhny springs to blocks.
  14. Part the lower part of blocks, establish them over a flange of an axis back and insert a dilator into small cuts in blocks.
  15. Establish lock springs.
  16. Connect a small hook on the lower ottyazhny spring to a forward block, and a big hook — to a back block.
  17. Establish into place brake disks.
  18. Adjust the parking brake and check its work before departure.

Details of hummock system of the parking brake

1 — an adjusting arm
2 — bottom fastening
3 — the equalizer screw
4 — a guide of the intermediate lever
6 — the intermediate lever
7 — the counterbalancing lever

10 — the operating rope of the parking brake
12 — a spring
13 — a spring clip
14 — arms of the operating rope
16 — the rubber plug
30 — a pruzhinoderzhatel

Scheme of the pedal drive of the parking brake

1 — an arm
2 — the switch of an alarm bulb
3 — a returnable spring
4 — the switching off lever
5 — draft with a chain
6 — a plug nut
7 — the plug
8 — an emphasis
9 — the switching off handle

11 — the dashboard
12 — the holder of the dashboard
13 — a bolt
14 — a latch
15 — a pedal
16 — a rubber emphasis
17 — a brake drive cable
18 — a body partition
19 — a bolt


Details of the hand parking brake