11:10. Repair of a starter

The refusal of a starter can be caused not only it by malfunction. First of all it is necessary to be convinced of purity and reliability of contacts of plugs of the rechargeable battery and the traction relay, and also of rather high degree of state of charge of the battery.

Usually the starter has big service life therefore it is economically expedient to replace a faulty starter new.



  1. For dismantling of a starter turn off a nut and remove a connecting wire of the traction relay.
  1. Turn off bolts and remove the case of the traction relay and a spring from a face arm.
  1. Disconnect an anchor of the traction relay from the drive lever.
  1. In case of need remove a fastening arm.
  2. Unscrew screws and remove a face cap.
  3. Remove a lock ring and a persistent washer.
  4. Turn off through coupling bolts and remove a face cover.
  5. Wring out springs and remove brushes.
  6. Check the leading gear wheel for existence of wear or damage of teeths.
  7. The isolating mica plates have to be profrezirovana up to the depth of 0,6 — 0,8 mm.
  8. Put lubricant in plugs and collect a starter as it should be, the return to dismantling. In case of installation of new brushes check their free wheeling in brush holders. At installation of brushes hold springs a piece of a wire.
  9. After assembly of a starter give tension on the traction relay and check a gap between an end face of the leading gear wheel and an emphasis on a drive case. This gap has to be ranging from 1,0 to 4,0 mm.