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11.11.13. Removal and installation of the drive of screenwash


  1. Remove screen wiper levers.
  2. Remove plastic lattices of an air inlet of a heater.

For this purpose the thin screw-driver wring out the central pins, remove latches and displace lattices forward. Remove a cap and a nut depending on a complete set.


  1. Remove screws, push out the central pins of latches and remove the central panel.
  2. Remove drafts of the drive from a drive crank.
  3. Depending on a complete set pick up the drain phone from the roller.
  4. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery.
  5. Otstykuyte the multicontact socket of the drive, working through an engine compartment.
  6. Disconnect the conducting socket, turn off fastening bolts (three bolts) and remove the drive from the central arm.
  7. You make installation as it should be, the return to removal.