11.11.9. Removal and installation of headlights and their lamps


  1. For removal of a lamp of a simple or fog light lift a cowl and open a back cover of a block headlight.
  1. Disconnect wires from a lamp, and then release a spring latch or turn a cartridge of a lamp and take out it. At the same time it is not necessary to touch fingers a lamp flask. If all of you touched it, wipe a flask with alcohol-denatured alcohol.

Latch of fastening of a fog light

Latch of fastening of a usual headlight

  1. For removal of a block headlight remove at first the index of turn, and then unscrew side screws of fastening of a block headlight.
  1. Unscrew internal screws of fastening and remove a block headlight from the car.
  2. For dismantling of a headlight release its latches and remove glass.
  3. Remove the frame panel.

Rotary finger of a headlight

  1. Release latches and the vacuum proofreader and remove reflectors.

Vacuum proofreader of a headlight

Connection of a headlight with the lever of the vacuum proofreader

  1. Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.