11.4. Charging of the rechargeable battery


  1. In winter conditions when the battery works under high loadings at starts of the cold engine and permanent job of the most part of electric equipment, it is recommended to charge completely the battery from an external source with current 3,5 — 4 from time to time And.
  2. Charging is conducted by such current until within four hours there is no growth of density.
  3. It is possible to put also without any risk the battery for the night on recharge by small current 1,5 A by means of the charger.
  4. It is not recommended to resort to the "forced" charging which allegedly restores battery power within 1 — 2 hours since it can seriously damage accumulator plates because of their overheat.
  5. When charging battery you watch that temperature of electrolyte did not exceed 40 °C.