11.7. Check on the car of the generator and the regulator of tension

For clarification of the reason of insufficient recharge of the rechargeable battery carry out the following inspection of operation of the regulator of tension.


  1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the battery.
  2. Connect the voltmeter with limits of measurement of 0 — 16 V between a conclusion of B+ of the generator and the case of the generator.
  3. Disconnect a red wire from a conclusion of B+ and connect the ampermeter with limits of measurement 0 — 60 And between a tip of a wire and a conclusion.
  4. Connect a wire to the minus plug of the battery and provide loading 55 A by means of a load rheostat.
  5. Start the engine and establish the constant frequency of rotation from 2000 to 3000 rpm.
  6. Adjust current of the battery from 23 to 30 And a load rheostat, at the same time indications of the voltmeter have to be from 13,9 to 14,8 Century. At any deviation from these limits immediate check of the regulator of tension by the representative of firm is necessary (or his replacement).
  7. For check of output power of the generator connect a load rheostat, establish the frequency of rotation of the engine of 1300 rpm and at the same time increase loading current to 10 A. The control lamp of charging of the rechargeable battery should not burn.
  8. Repeat check with a frequency of rotation of the engine 2000 and 6000 of rpm, establishing current of loading 36 and 55 And for the 55-ampere generator or 43 and 65 And for the 65-ampere generator.