12.1. Removal and installation of a cowl

Correct provision of a cowl


  1. Completely open a cowl and enclose pieces of fabric under both of its back a corner.
  2. Disconnect a windshield washer tube from a tee, release a clip and extend a tube.
  3. Pencil note the provision of bolts of fastening of loops on a cowl, then turn off bolts on several turns.
  4. By means of the assistant remove bolts, supporting a cowl, and then remove a cowl from the car.
  5. You make installation as it should be, the return to removal, having established loops in former situation before an inhaling of bolts. The cowl has to be centered concerning an aperture and be in the correct provision of rather surrounding details of a body. The lower edge of a first line of a cowl has to be on continuation of the line of the top edge of cuts for indexes of turn.
  6. For adjustment of longitudinal provision of a cowl weaken bolts of fastening of loops, adjust the provision of a cowl and tighten bolts. For adjustment on height turn off lock nuts and turn on the necessary corner a rubber emphasis under a forward part of a cowl, and then tighten lock nuts.