12:14. Removal and installation of a door



  1. Open a door to the full and prop up it from below a jack or a support, having enclosed under them some soft material.
  2. Disconnect the limiter of opening of a door from a body rack.
  3. If the car is equipped with power windows, disconnect an electrical wiring.
  4. Record the provision of plates of loops on a door framework, turn off and remove screws of loops. Remove a door from the car.


Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal. If loops fasten in former situation, then and special adjustment will not be required. If it is necessary to lift or lower a door or to achieve its situation aflush with a body surface, weaken bolts of fastening of loops and displace a door in the necessary direction. The gap on a contour of a door has to be identical on both side edges and on top.

Adjustment of provision of a plate of a clamp of the lock

Adjustment of provision of a plate of a clamp of the lock on a rack of a body influences closing of a door and a vystupaniye or sticking of edges of a door concerning the panel or a rack of a body.

For regulation of provision of a plate of a clamp screws of its fastening are weakened so that it moved hardly then the door is closed. Thus receive the provision of closing of a door. Then it is necessary to open carefully a door and to the full to tighten screws. If necessary from under a plate of a clamp clean up or there adjusting laying is added that allows to receive good closing. It is sometimes expedient to adjust a door so that its back edge acted on 1,0 mm of rather back door or the panel of a body and by that reduced noise of an air stream.