12:16. Removal and installation of the external handle of a forward door

Models with a body the sedan and the station wagon


  1. Take out a rubber stopper from an end face of a door and turn out two screws with crosswise to vents.
  2. Give the door handle forward, press the handle and take out the handle assembled.
  3. Before installation of the handle wrap forward screws of fastening, without having tightened them approximately on thickness of sheet metal of a door.
  4. Press the handle and insert the handle into place so that draft of switching off of the lock was included into the lock. If necessary tighten the forward screw and adjust the gap size (1,0 mm) of a driving finger by means of a face key.
  5. Tighten back screws and put a rubber stopper.

Models with a compartment body

Operations on removal and installation the same that are described above except that for access to back screws of fastening it is necessary to remove an overlay of the top part of a door and to take out a sealant.