12:20. Removal and installation of a door of a back (model with a body the versatile person)



  1. Having opened a back door, turn out the button of switching off of the lock and remove the door upholstery panel (six screws).
  2. Turn out screws of facing of the internal handle, remove facing, and then exempt the upholstery panel from latches.
  3. Turn out screws of fastening and remove the lower slip.
  4. Turn out the screw with crosswise to vents from the internal handle of a door.
  5. Otstykuyte a connecting block of conducting from the right part of the lock, disconnect draft of switching off of the lock from the left side of the lock.
  6. On models with the central system of blocking of locks disconnect drafts from the vacuum drive.
  7. Turn off bolts of fastening of the lock and pressing the lever of the lock transfer it to the locked situation. Take out the lock through a door framework aperture.


Carry out installation as it should be, the return to removal, making the following adjustments. On the models equipped with the central system of blocking adjust the vacuum drive so that after an unblocking draft had no side play. The size of a free wheeling of the external handle has to be equal to 1,0 mm; if necessary displace a safety stopper then insert the screw-driver through an opening for the top bolt and adjust position of the lock. Turn and tighten a bolt.