12:25. Removal and installation of a windshield and back glass


Installation of a windshield


  1. Remove internal moldings from an upholstery, having left the top molding on the place.
  2. The stupid screw-driver release an internal rubber sealant.
  3. By means of the assistant carefully squeeze out a windshield from within and remove it from the car.
  4. Remove angular slips and moldings from a rubber sealant, and then remove a sealant from glass.
  5. Clear a body aperture, a rubber sealant and a windshield.
  6. Put on a rubber sealant glass, then ship moldings and angular slips in warm soap water and establish them on a sealant.
  7. Cut off a piece of a cord more than a perimeter of windshield long, ship it in soap water and fill it in a sealant groove.
  8. Apply the roller of sealant 8 mm thick on vertical racks of an aperture of a body.
  9. Establish glass in a body aperture so that the ends of a cord were in the middle of the lower edge of glass, and then press on glass while the assistant pulls out a cord so that the sealant sat down on an aperture flange.
  10. Establish into place internal moldings.
  11. Outside on perimeter of glass press sealant between a sealant, glass and a body, and remove surplus of sealant.

Back glass


  1. Disconnect conducting of an element of heating of glass, remove an upholstery of back racks of a body and execute operations with a windshield.