12:28. Removal and installation of the dashboard


  1. Remove a glove box.
  2. Remove both panels of an upholstery from under the dashboard.
  3. Remove internal moldings of a windshield.
  4. Turn out screws and unhook covers of loudspeakers, then turn out bolts from the dashboard.
  5. Remove the dashboard.
  6. Remove the lighting switch button, then turn off a nut of fastening of the switch.
  7. Disconnect a chain handle from the lever of the emergency brake.
  8. Disconnect the right and left hoses of ventilation.
  9. Disconnect the handle of control of the gate of an intake of external air and hoses of a supply of external air.
  10. Disconnect conducting of the switch of illumination of a glove box.
  11. Depending on a complete set disconnect conducting of loudspeakers.
  12. Raise the dashboard so that nozzles of heating of a windshield descended from a heater box, and then absolutely remove the panel.
  13. Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.