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12:29. Removal and installation of a ware box and its cover


  1. Remove a lock clamp (two screws) and take out hairpins.
  2. Take out the lighting lamp and an otstykuyta a conducting connector.
  3. Take a ware box from the dashboard.
  4. Turn out screws with crosswise to vents from a box cover, turn off koronchaty nuts.
  5. Put in vertical position a locking pin on an external edge of a cover and disconnect a lock arm. As the locking pin has a stopper on the one hand, it if he does not act, it is necessary to turn on 180 °.
  6. Lift an internal cover and remove an external cover, then remove an internal cover and a lock arm.
  7. If necessary the lock can be removed, having squeezed its cams nippers. At the top end face of the lock there is a tag of "oben" (top).
  8. Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.