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12.3. Removal and installation of a trunk lid



  1. Remove both lighting lamps of registration plate.
  2. Remove a lamp and the switch of lighting of the luggage compartment.
  3. At already disconnected rechargeable battery release fastening of conducting and extend it from a trunk lid.
  4. Enclose pieces of fabric under trunk lid corners.
  5. Note a pencil the provision of bolts of fastening of loops, then turn off bolts on several turns.
  6. By means of the assistant remove bolts of fastening of loops and, supporting a trunk lid, remove it from the car.


You make installation as it should be, the return to removal, having put bolts in earlier noted position before their inhaling. The trunk lid has to be centered concerning an aperture and be in the correct provision of rather surrounding details of a body. The trunk lid has to adjoin to a sealant densely. In case of need adjust the provision of a cover in an aperture, having weakened bolts of loops. Prilegany covers to a sealant it is regulated by selection of laying according to a lock clamp.

Trunk lid lock clamp