12:35. Removal and installation of a heater

The heater crane in an engine compartment

Connecting hose of the crane of a heater

Hummock drive of management of a heater

Adjusting sizes of an arm of fastening of a heater

and = 165,0 mm
b = 217,0 mm


  1. Remove rugs from deepenings of a floor of a forward part of salon, and then the lower guard of the dashboard.
  2. Remove the central console.
  3. Shift front seats in extreme back situation.
  4. Merge liquid from the engine cooling system.
  5. Disconnect heater hoses in an engine compartment.
  6. Remove a glove box and disconnect conducting of the switch of illumination of a glove box.
  7. Turn out screws of fastening and remove air ducts to a back seat and the air ducts installed on the transmission tunnel.
  8. Disconnect an air supply hose from a heater, remove the lever of the gate of supply of external air.
  9. Turn off fastening of an arm to the transmission tunnel, turn out a bolt from the dashboard.
  10. Otstykuyte connector of conducting and all its sockets. Disconnect also hummock drive of management of a heater.
  11. Turn off the top nuts and the lower bolts of fastening.
  12. Close the gate of supply of external air, then the movement bring a heater out of a nozzle of heating of glass down and remove it together with tubes of a supply and removal of liquid.
  13. Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal, having moistened a nozzle of heating of a windshield with soap water. The lower arm has to be established in the situation shown in the drawing. Fill with liquid the engine cooling system.