12:37. Security measures and maintenance of the air conditioning system

Scheme of the air conditioning system

1 — the compressor
2 — the condenser
3 — a dehumidifier
4 — the regulating gate

5 — the evaporator
6 — a thermoswitch
7 — pressure relay
9 — a temperature regulator


  1. Do not disconnect any detail of a contour of a cooler of the conditioner before removal of coolant by the qualified specialist in the refrigerating equipment at all.
  2. If details of the conditioner interfere with performance of any other repair work, it is allowed to remove their fastening and to take them aside as far as flexibility of connections allows, but do not disconnect hoses. If nevertheless the place for performance of work is all the same not enough, then before a detachment and removal of details it is necessary to discharge system completely. Upon termination of works load system.
  3. Periodically check a condition of the condenser, delete from it dirt and insects with a water stream from a hose or compressed air.
  4. Periodically check a compressor drive belt tension. The belt deflection in the middle of its longest branch has to make 10,0 mm. If adjustment is necessary, weaken a pulley nut, then turn an adjusting bolt of an arm on the necessary corner and again tighten a pulley nut.