12.6. Removal and installation of glass of a door of a back (model with a body the versatile person)


  1. Remove the back door glass cleaner lever.
  2. Unscrew the button of switching off of the lock, remove the panel of facing of a door of a back (six screws).
  3. Turn out the screw of facing of the internal handle and remove facing.
  4. Exempt the panel from latches.
  5. Release a lock ring and take out a cleaner roller sealant from a body aperture.
  6. Disconnect both wires from an element of heating of back glass.
  7. Turn off bolts of fastening of the drive of glass cleaner, take away the drive from an aperture of a body and fix it.
  8. By means of the assistant take out a sealant of glass and push out glass from within.
  9. Put a sealant layer in a body aperture groove, fill a cord in a sealant.
  10. Establish glass in an aperture of a body and, extending a cord, place a sealant on an aperture flange. At the same time the assistant has to press slightly on glass. Other operations of installation are carried out as it should be, the return to removal. Before an inhaling of bolts of fastening of a cleaner center the drive roller concerning the surface of glass.