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12. Body and its equipment

Body and its equipment

Body design welded, all-metal, with safety passenger office, with the forward and back sections absorbing energy of blow. The body is issued in options the sedan, a compartment and the versatile person. The hatch of a roof and vacuum system of blocking of locks of doors with the central management enters the equipment of a body. The hatch of a roof can be with the manual and electric drive; in the latter case the emergency manual drive is provided. The cowl, a trunk lid, doors and forward wings fasten on bolts and it is easy to replace them. At installation it is necessary to observe the corresponding gaps.

The gap between parts of a body has to be identical on all length. A permissible deviation 0,5 mm. The sizes given on the drawing are specified in millimeters with the admission of ±0,5 mm.

Each 20000 km of a run grease loops of doors with universal jellied lubricant by means of the syringe. Besides, at the same time

on the car with a body like versatile person oil luggage carrier door loops engine. Apply also small amount of lubricant on a clamp and a doggie of locks of doors.

Each 48000 km of a run check purity of all drainage openings of a body.

Each 12 months grease the roofs directing the hatch and check passability of drainage channels, pumping over them compressed air from the tire pump. At the same time at the same time check the body basis for existence of damages and corrosion, especially a condition of an anticorrosive covering of the bottom of a body. In case of need put a new anticorrosive covering and perform the corresponding repair work.