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2.1.6. Lubrication system of engines

The lubrication system under pressure created by the gear pump with internal gearing and an excentric rotor provides lubricant of a bent shaft, the top heads of rods and bearings of the camshaft. From 1985 model years oil from lubricant system is brought under pressure to the hydraulic pushers providing automatic compensation of gaps in the gas distribution mechanism.

Oil pump

The leading gear wheel of the oil pump is established on two lyska on the forward end of a bent shaft (between an asterisk of a bent shaft and a pulley of a belt of the drive of auxiliary units). The pump housing is executed directly in a cover of the drive of the camshaft and closed from the engine by a cover.



Oil pressure on the heated-up engine, kg/cm 2

  • idling, not less


  • with a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of 3000 rpm, not less


Pressure of opening of valves on the heated-up engine, kg/cm 2

  • reducing valve

4,5 +0 –0,8

  • perepuskny valve


Oil filter

Oil filter of a reserve design, with the replaceable filtering element.



Brand and type of the filter

Knecht AW168 or  Mann N 614N

Brand and type of a replaceable element

  Mann W 719/3

Brand and type of the replaceable Bosch element

  • M 102

1.457.42.9605 and 1.457.42.9606

  • M 115


  • M 123

1.457.42.9113 and 1.457.42.3105

  • M 110


Engine oil



Capacity of lubricant system, l

  • during the first filling


  • when replacing oil

4,5 (including the filter)

Difference between tags of "mini" and "maxi" on the oil probe, l


The used oil

 SAE 10W40 or 10W50 (on CCMC classification: 04; on classification of API: Joint-stock company)

Frequency of replacement

through each 10 thousand km of a run or not less than two times a year