Features of the device

Features of the device

The system consists of the sensor distributor with the built-in contactless sensor, the switchboard and the coil of ignition of high energy.

Arrangement of elements of system of ignition of TSZ

1 — the switchboard
2 — diagnostics block

Location of the switchboard (A) and block of diagnostics (V) of system of ignition of TSZ

As well as the ordinary sensor distributor of ignition, the electromagnetic sensor distributor has centrifugal and vacuum regulators; vacuum regulation is carried out when moving a magnet of the screen with teeths assembled.

The switchboard is fixed on a wing mudguard on the aluminum lining providing its cooling.

The switchboard serves for transformation of a signal of the generator of impulses to the operating signal.

It turns on the device of formation of a signal of the sensor distributor, the controller of constant tension, the output amplifier consisting of the transistor of Darlington and the sensor of time.

The coil of ignition is fixed near the control unit.

Pneumatic control system of vacuum regulation of a corner of an advancing of ignition on the sensor distributor of system of ignition of TSZ depending on temperature of cooling liquid on the cold engine

At a temperature of cooling liquid less than 60 °C the thermostatic valve 5 is closed and depression from the carburetor 1 comes to the regulator 4 via the valve 3, providing thereby additional correction of a corner of an advancing of ignition on 8 — 12*.

Designation of color of wires: