Principle of action

The system of ignition contactless, constant efficiency, provides giving of high voltage to candles on all power setting.

The system turns on the sensor distributor with the built-in generator of Hall, the switchboard and the special coil of ignition.

Details of the sensor distributor of system of ignition of engines M 102

1 — the case
2 — the motionless screen with teeths
3 — the induction coil
4 — the mobile screen with teeths

5 — the vacuum regulator
6 — the filter
7 — a rotor
8 — a cover

Scheme of accession of a bunch of wires of ignition

Principle of operation of the pulse generator of Hall

On the semiconductor there passes the operating current going from connecting wires "And" and "In". When magnetic field of "N" crosses the plane, a perpendicular poleprovodnika, between the electrodes "Е" and "F" arises potential difference. This phenomenon is designated as Hall's effect.

Hall's generator is built in the sensor distributor. It consists from motionless (a magnetic barrier) and mobile (rotor) of elements.

The magnetic barrier consists of the permanent magnet established on the screen and Hall's sensor or an integrated chip of Hall placed opposite to a magnet on the ceramic holder.

The rotor consists of four teeths according to number of cylinders of the engine. At rotation of a rotor teeths pass through a gap between a magnet and Hall's sensor. When tooth appears in a gap, magnetic field deviates and in the sensor Hall's effect is interrupted. At its disappearance the starting transistor becomes conducting and passes primary current in the ignition coil. At a tooth exit from a gap there is a magnetic field again and passing of primary current stops that generates, as well as in the ordinary coil of the ignition, a high-tension current going to spark plugs.

Width of each tooth corresponds to a cam corner, i.e. this corner remains invariable and does not need adjustment.

As well as the ordinary sensor distributor of ignition, the electromagnetic sensor distributor turns on centrifugal and vacuum regulators.

Replacement of a rotor of the sensor distributor with another with other resistance is not allowed.