Replacement of the contactless sensor distributor of ignition



  1. Remove a rotor and the dustproof screen.
  2. Remove the vacuum regulator of an advancing of ignition.
  1. Remove a bracket of fastening 1 and carefully in a straight line take out the bearing disk.

    Sensor distributor interior

  1. Turn a rotor so that its teeth coincided with teeth of the stator and measure a gap "And" which has to be equal to 0,35 — 0,70 mm.
  2. Remove a lock ring 2.
  3. Remove an expansion ring 3.
  1. Carefully take out a rotor 4 two screw-drivers inserted from the opposite sides previously having taken out a spline 5.
  1. Remove a persistent washer
  2. Turn out three screws of fastening of an arm of the contactless sensor (are shown by shooters).
  3. Remove a lock ring 6.
  1. Wring out brackets of fastening and take out an arm with the contactless sensor.
  2. Remove the contactless sensor from an arm.


Installation of the new contactless sensor is conducted as it should be, the return to removal, taking into account the following:

At installation of the sensor distributor to sustain the size "A" of 3,5 cm between a tag on the case and a rotor.


  1. Direct sensor screen teeths towards a cut on the bearing disk.
  2. At installation of a rotor combine a cut of its plug with a roller flute.
  3. At installation of the vacuum regulator turn the stator to the left.