Principle of action

The main dosing system

The main dosing system of the Stromberg 175 CDT carburetor

1 — a cap
2 — the piston
3 — a spring
4 — a jet

5 — a needle
10 — a butterfly valve

The depression created by the engine in the inlet pipeline comes to a cap 1 that provides a raising of the piston 2, under which pressure to equally atmospheric. As soon as force created by depression, and effort established in a cap 3 springs are counterbalanced, the situation of the piston is stabilized, and it gives access to a certain amount of air and provides a dosage of the fuel which is soaked up by a jet 4 by means of the conic needle 5 regulating the section of a jet through passage 4. The form of a needle is picked specially up for achievement of the best dosage of fuel at any position of the piston in a cap.

System of idling

The piston holds the position providing the minimum access of air and fuel.

Adjustment of idling is carried out by change of extent of half-open of a butterfly valve.

The electromagnetic valve installed in the lower part of a jet blocks access of fuel to the carburetor at a stop of the engine and in case of excess of the mode of the maximum turns of the engine.

Enrichment of gas mixture at acceleration

The oil shock-absorber slows down raising of the piston under the influence of depression in a cap. Depression in the inlet pipeline influences a jet. Thereby receipt of additional amount of fuel is provided.

Starting arrangement

Starting arrangement of the Stromberg 175 CDT carburetor

2 — the piston
6 — a zolotnik
7 — the starting arrangement
8 — the ball valve

9 — a thermal valve
10 — a butterfly valve
11 — a control lever the economizer

Enrichment of gas mixture at start of the cold engine is carried out by a zolotnik 6 with the calibrated openings providing increase in turns of idling (by intake of additional air) and increase in amount of the arriving fuel.

Movement of a zolotnik is regulated by the starting arrangement with electro-(heating with a temporary delay) and a pneumatic actuator (due to depression in the inlet pipeline) which action is corrected depending on temperature of cooling liquid. Under the influence of a spring the diaphragm of the starting arrangement 7 which is under the influence of atmospheric pressure opens the ball valve 8 which gives access of the fuel-air mix enriched in the zolotnik operated by the thermostat. After launch of the engine the zolotnik is gradually closed, its openings are blocked, limiting intake of gas mixture.

After launch of the engine the thermal valve 9 closes the channel of the message with the atmosphere of the starting arrangement. As a result of depression in the inlet pipeline the ball valve 8 is closed, and the zolotnik 6 rises. Enrichment of gas mixture stops.