Removal and installation of the carburetor



  1. Remove the air filter and merge a part of cooling liquid.
  2. Disconnect fuel hoses and hoses of the cooling system of the engine from the carburetor. Disconnect blocks from electromagnetic locking valves.
  3. Disconnect a cable from the sector of the drive of butterfly valves. Disconnect from the carburetor in a zone of adjusting screws of quality of mix white and black vacuum hoses.
  4. Disconnect a green wire with a black strip from the case of the starting arrangement and a green wire with a violet strip from the thermostatic servo-driver.


Installation of the carburetor is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal. At the same time pay attention to the following:


  1. It is necessary to tighten nuts of fastening of the carburetor cross-wise the moment 0,8 — 1,0 кгс.м.
  2. After installation of the carburetor add cooling liquid to normal level and remove air from the engine cooling system.