Replacement of the needle valve and installation of level of fuel in the float-operated camera


  1. Uncover the carburetor.
  2. Remove a bracket and take out a float and the needle valve.
  3. Establish a float and the new needle valve and record them a bracket.
  4. Establish caliber 13 1 070.
  5. Lift a float before emergence of resistance; at the same time the needle valve has to be drowned. In this situation the heel of caliber has to be leveled with the upper edge of a cut of a float.
  6. If necessary turn in a float uvula.
  7. If there is no caliber, adjust fuel level in the float-operated camera as follows:
    • uncover the carburetor with laying and stop a float axis not to allow its rise;
    • disconnect wires from the coil of ignition and fill the float-operated camera with fuel, starting the engine a starter;
    • measure distance between the level of fuel and the plane of the socket of the float-operated camera which has to be within 7±1 mm with a carburetor cover;
    • at an aberration make adjustment by a float uvula podgibaniye.