Check and adjustment of the accelerating pump

Adjustment of the accelerating pump

1 — the adjusting nut began fuel supply
2 — the adjusting screw of supply of fuel


  1. Remove the air filter.
  2. Press several times a control lever butterfly valves; at the same time two sprays of the accelerating pump have to leave a fuel stream.
  3. If it does not occur, clear sprays, wash out them gasoline and blow compressed air, and also check a condition of a diaphragm which has to be whole, without damages (at assembly of the accelerating pump direct a conic screw spring small diameter towards a diaphragm).
  4. Remove a pneumatic actuator of butterfly valves against the stop of the adjusting screw of amount of mix of idling in a control lever butterfly valves; at the same time the lever of the drive of the accelerating pump has to concern a plunger hardly.
  5. If necessary the nut 1 determining the beginning of supply of fuel by the accelerating pump achieve the necessary result.
  6. The adjusting screw 2 supply of fuel achieve a gap between it and a cover of the accelerating pump within 3,5±0,2 mm, having provided thereby the required fuel supply with the pump on condition of uniform supply of fuel it sprays.
  7. At doubt in the correct productivity of the accelerating pump remove the carburetor.
  8. Fix a tank with fuel 2 m higher than the carburetor and attach a tank hose to the entrance union of the carburetor.
  9. Put on a beaker under cameras of the carburetor and check productivity of the accelerating pump for 1 cycle, having slowly moved several times against the stop a control lever with butterfly valves. For increase in productivity of the pump turn out the adjusting screw 1, and for reduction — screw it.