2.5.4. Check of system of injection

Check of the operating pressure

The operating pressure is checked on the car by means of a tee of KDEP 1034 established on the delivery pipeline connecting the batcher distributor to the regulator of the operating pressure. The manometer with a scale to 6 kg/cm 2 is connected to the third union of a tee.

Installation of a tee for measurement of the operating pressure

After an inhaling of all unions several times open and close cranes, having lowered the manometer on a connecting hose as low as possible to remove air from system. After that suspend the manometer to a cross-piece of a cowl or in any other place where its indications will be easily read out.

Cap of 1 adjusting screw of quality (structure) of mix

At the idle cold engine the operating pressure has to be within 0,5 — 1 kg/cm 2 (see the schedule), idling the heated-up engine — 3,4 — 3,8 kg/cm 2, at the idle heated-up engine — 2,7 — 3,1 kg/cm 2 *.

The schedule of check of the operating pressure depending on temperature on the idle engine

* Temperature of cooling liquid is 65 — 75 °C.