2.5.5. Adjustment of idling of the engine

Adjustment of contents WITH the screw of 1 quality (structure) of mix with the help of a key of KDEP 6.35

Content of carbon monoxide (SO) in the fulfilled gases is regulated by the screw 1 with the turnkey six-sided deepening closed by a cap. Contents WITH decreases at screwing up of the screw 1 KDEP 6.35 adaptation.

It is forbidden to increase the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft if the key of KDEP is inserted into the screw since at the same time the lever of a pressure head disk of the measuring instrument of a consumption of air can be bent.

Adjusting screw 2 idlings

Frequency of rotation of a bent shaft is idling regulated by the screw 2 idlings. Serially turn screws 1 and 2 before obtaining contents FROM less than 3% and frequency of rotation of a bent shaft idling within 900±50 rpm.