2.5. System of injection of K-Jetronic fuel

The system of injection of K-Jetronic fuel represents mechanical system of continuous injection of fuel. Nozzles constantly spray fuel in an inlet collector in front of inlet valves. Therefore change of fuel consumption is reached not by change of duration of opening of nozzles, but regulation of amount of the fuel given to nozzles.

The amount of the brought air is constantly measured by the air consumption measuring instrument, and the amount of injectable fuel is strict in proportion to amount of the given air (except for a number of power setting, such as launch of the cold engine, work under full loading, etc.) and is regulated by the fuel batcher distributor.

Scheme of system of injection of K-Jetronic fuel

1 — the fuel tank
2 — the fuel pump
3 — the fuel filter
4 — the fuel store
5 — the food pressure regulator
6 — the air consumption measuring instrument
7 — the batcher - the fuel distributor
8 — the regulator of the operating pressure
9 — an injection nozzle
10 — an inlet collector

11 — a starting nozzle
12 — a butterfly valve
13 — the valve of additional air supply
14 — the temperature sensor
15 — the distributor
16 — the relay block
17 — the ignition switch
18 — the rechargeable battery