2.6.3. Valve check of additional supply of fuel


  1. The valve has to open completely at a temperature of cooling liquid of 20 °C and be closed at its increase to 70 °C.
  2. For valve check on the cold engine remove a box of the valve and blow in it: air has to pass. If is not present, then the valve is faulty.
  3. For valve check on the heated-up engine start the engine and leave it to work, idling press a hose between the valve and a collector. Turns of the engine should not change at the same time. Change of frequency of rotation of a bent shaft indicates jamming of the managing director of a plunger and need of replacement of the valve.
  4. For replacement of the valve merge cooling liquid, disconnect hoses of the cooling system and remove the valve.
  5. At installation of the new valve replace sealing laying.