2.7.2. Difficult operations, possible only on the engine removed from the car

The following works are possible only after removal of the engine from the car:

Preparation of engines for dismantling

The engine is recommended to be disassembled at the stand; in case of its absence it is possible to place the engine on a strong workbench at height, convenient for work. If there is no workbench, then use a wooden board or tarpaulin, laid on a floor. Avoid to work at a concrete floor because of possible hit of sand.

Previously clean the engine with kerosene and dry. In process of removal of details wash out them in a kerosene bathtub. However it is not recommended to immerse in detail kerosene with oil channels since it will complicate their further cleaning. It is the best of all to blow oil channels previously compressed air.

It is recommended to have "cases" for small and fasteners that convenience at the return assembly of the engine will bring and will exclude "excess" details. Whenever possible put the removed bolts and washers on the places. Do not throw out old laying, they will serve as a curve for production new if you have no standard. Keep old details as samples for acquisition of new.