Gas distribution adjustment

Gas distribution adjustment

And — a tag on the camshaft
B — a tag on a pulley of a bent shaft

1 — a motionless tag

2 — a mobile tag


This operation is carried out on the engine removed from the car at each removal of a chain of the drive of the camshaft (for removal of a head of cylinders and the camshaft), except for replacement of a chain.

Blocking from a provorachivaniye of the camshaft of the engine M 102


  1. Unscrew screws of fastening of a cover of the distributor of ignition.
  2. Disconnect from spark plugs of a wire of high voltage.
  3. Uncover a head of cylinders with wires of high voltage and a cover of the distributor of ignition.

    If the head of cylinders is uncovered hardly, it is forbidden to knock on it the hammer in order to avoid cracking. Hook a cover, observing precautionary measures.

  4. Remove a distributor rotor, the leading plate and a pomekhopodavitelny cover.
  5. Turn off bolts of fastening of the top cover of the drive of the camshaft. Take out laying of a cover.
  6. Remove the top cover, striking with the wooden hammer a camshaft axis.
  7. Turn a bent shaft to an exit of the piston of the 1st cylinder in VMT.
  8. Turn off a screw stopper of the tension device of a chain. Take out a sealing ring and a spring.

    Turn off a screw stopper with care to avoid emission of a spring.

  9. Remove the lower ring.
  10. Remove the tension device.
  11. For simplification of a provorachivaniye of a bent shaft turn out spark plugs.
  12. Make sure that the bent shaft still is in the situation corresponding to VMT of the piston of the 1st cylinder (the motionless ledge has to be opposite to a mobile tag — see the illustration Gas Distribution Adjustment).
  13. Check whether coincide a mobile tag on the camshaft (openings in a fillet) and a motionless tag on a head of cylinders.
  14. Remove an engine case.
  15. Block a flywheel from a provorachivaniye.
  16. Remove a pulley of a bent shaft with a damper, having turned off the central bolt.
  17. Remove dish-shaped washers.
  18. Uncover the distributive mechanism.
  19. Mark with paint the mutual provision of a chain and asterisks of cranked and distributive shaft.
  20. Apply tags on an asterisk of the camshaft and on a shaft.
  21. Remove an uspokoitel of a chain an inertial stripper.
  22. Remove a camshaft asterisk, having turned off fastening bolts.
  23. Weaken a tension of a chain of the drive of the oil pump and remove it.
  24. Remove a camshaft drive chain.



  1. Make sure that cranked and distributive shaft are in the provision of adjustment of gas distribution.
  2. Put on a chain a camshaft asterisk, having provided coincidence of tags.
  3. Install an asterisk on the camshaft, having convinced of coincidence of tags.
  4. Establish an uspokoitel of a chain.
  5. Put on a chain of the drive of the oil pump.
  6. Further installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.
  7. Fill in oil and cooling liquid.
  8. Remove air from the cooling system.