2.8.2. Mechanism of gas distribution of 6-cylinder engines

Replacement of a chain of the drive of the camshaft

The chain can be replaced from above the engine. However when replacing it is recommended to uncover the distributive mechanism and to check a condition of uspokoitel, a boot and the tension device of a chain and gear wheels.

Removal of a distributive chain (shooters showed the cut link)

Installation of a new chain on former

1 — a new chain
2 — a former chain
3 — a camshaft asterisk

Installation of a link for a zaklepyvaniye

1 — a link

Tension device of a chain

1 — a stopper
2 — the case of the tension device
3 — a pusher
4 — a spring
5 — a ball of the backpressure valve
6 — the piston

Installation of a distributive chain (shooters showed places of putting sealant)

1 — the lower cover of the distributive mechanism
2 — sealing laying


  1. Put a cowl in vertical position.
  2. Remove the directing fan casing.
  3. Disconnect a wire of "mass" of the rechargeable battery.
  4. Remove the air filter assembled with a zabornik of cold air.
  5. Remove the cooling system fan.
  6. Remove the protection cover from a distributor cover.
  7. Unscrew screws of fastening of a cover of the distributor of ignition.
  8. Remove the lower guard of the engine.
  9. Remove the taking-away heater pipe.
  10. Disconnect from spark plugs of a wire of high voltage.
  11. Uncover a head of cylinders with wires of high voltage and a cover of the distributor of ignition.

    If the head of cylinders is uncovered hardly, it is forbidden to knock on it the hammer in order to avoid cracking. Hook a cover, observing precautionary measures.

  12. Remove a distributor rotor, the leading plate and a pomekhopodavitelny cover.
  13. Turn off bolts of fastening of the top cover of the drive of the camshaft.
  14. Remove the top cover, striking with the wooden hammer a camshaft axis. Remove the central laying of the top cover.
  15. Turn a bent shaft to an exit of the piston of the 1st cylinder in VMT.
  16. Turn off a screw stopper of the tension device of a chain. Take out a sealing ring and a spring.

    Turn off a screw stopper with care to avoid emission of a spring.

  17. Remove the lower ring.
  18. Remove the tension device.
  19. For simplification of a provorachivaniye of a bent shaft turn out spark plugs.
  20. Enclose a rag under a chain. Take precautionary measures to avoid hit of metal shaving in a camshaft drive cover.
  21. Cut an abrasive circle both axes of a double link and beat out it.
  22. Attach a new chain to old, having riveted a link.
  23. Slowly turn a bent shaft, paying attention to the correct gearing of a new chain with a camshaft drive asterisk.

    The chain has to be constantly in gearing with a camshaft asterisk.

  24. Turn a bent shaft before becomes possible to connect the ends of a chain a link zaklepyvaniye.
  25. Enclose a link under a chain.
  26. Put a link plate in the device for a zaklyopyvaniye.
  27. Apply this adaptation to a link and rivet it.
  28. Remove the device for a zaklepyvaniye.
  29. Be convinced of correctness for link klepk.
  30. If necessary repeat the above-stated operations.
  31. Be convinced of purity of a chain and surrounding details and of lack of metal shaving.
  32. Turn in the block of cylinders of a spark plug.
  33. Before installation of the tension device of a chain completely disassemble it and carefully clear all details.
  34. Put the tension device of a chain.
  35. Wrap a carving ring with a spring and a screw stopper with a new sealing ring.
  36. Turn a bent shaft on two turns for check of the correct operation of the distributive mechanism.
  37. Put laying on the lower cover of the drive of the camshaft, having applied on both of its ends of a little condensing paste.
  38. Apply a sealant layer on the interfaced surfaces of the top cover of the drive of the camshaft and a head of cylinders.
  39. Oil engine an edge of laying of the top cover.
  40. Establish the top cover, trying not to damage laying.
  41. Tighten bolts of fastening of the top cover.
  42. Establish a cover of a head of cylinders and components of the distributor of ignition, working as it should be, the return to removal.
  43. Attach cooling system hoses.
  44. Fill and pump over the cooling system.
  45. Install the cooling system fan.
  46. Establish the directing fan casing.
  47. Establish the lower guard of the engine.
  48. Attach a wire to the — plug of the rechargeable battery.