2.8.5. Installation of the power unit

Installation of the power unit is made as it should be, the return to removal, taking into account the following:


  1. Tighten all threaded connections the set moment.
  2. After installation of a radiator and accession of hoses check whether the stopper of a drain opening of the block of cylinders is wrapped.
  3. On cars from mechanical KP pay attention to the correct centering of the conducted clutch plate;
  4. Put on shlitsevy the end of a main shaft of the transmission a thin layer of lubricant before to connect the transmission to the engine.

    On cars with a flywheel with two counterbalances internal vents of a nave of the conducted clutch plate are nickelized and it is not required to grease the end of a main shaft of the transmission shlitsevy. See Coupling.

  5. Fill in engine oil, fill and pump over the cooling system.
  6. Fill in oil in the transmission.
  7. Depending on modification adjust drafts of the drive of a butterfly valve and the starting arrangement.
  8. On cars from automatic KP adjust draft of the drive of the regulator of the operating pressure.