Check of technical condition and repair of the engine

Details of the krivoshipno-conrod mechanism

And — the 4-cylinder engine
B — the 6-cylinder engine

1 — a bent shaft
2 — inserts of radical bearings
3 — persistent half rings for adjustment of the axial course of a bent shaft
4 — a spline
5 — an asterisk of a bent shaft
6 — a pulley of a bent shaft
7 — a pulley nave
8 — a flange
9 — a bolt of fastening of a cover of a rod
10 — the aligning bearing of a main shaft of the transmission
11 — a flywheel wreath

12 — a flywheel of the engine of cars from mechanical KP
13 — a flywheel of the engine of a car of mobiles with automatic transmission
14 — an insert of the lower head of a rod
15 — a rod
16 — the plug of the top head of a rod
17 — a piston finger
18 — a lock ring
19 — the piston
20 — an oil scraper ring
21 — the lower compression ring
22 — the top compression ring

Marking of covers of rods and radical bearings

Installation of a cover of the average radical bearing with persistent half rings

Installation of pistons in cylinders. The arrow has to be directed to the bottom of the piston towards the camshaft drive.

X \marking of classes of diameter of cylinders and pistons

Inhaling of bolts of fastening of covers of rods device for check of a corner of an inhaling

Installation of a back epiploon of a bent shaft

And - at the plant
B - at repair

Installation of device for a press fitting of a forward epiploon of a bent shaft

Installation of a clamp of 102 589 01 40 00th flywheel on the removed engine

Removal of an emphasis of an intermediate shaft of the engine M 102

Installation of the bearing of a main shaft of the transmission on a bent shaft of the engine M 102

1 — a flywheel
2 — a bent shaft
3 — the bearing
4 — a persistent pro-rate


  1. Check the size and a condition of a bent shaft.
  2. Check a condition of inserts of radical bearings. In case of their reuse apply on them tags according to numbering of cylinders.
  3. Check a pulling and diameter of an exhaust core of bolts of covers of rods and replace them if necessary.
  1. Check interface of covers to rods. Put on a rod cover a bolt in horizontal position against the stop in a rod and be convinced that the cover does not move. Otherwise replace a rod.
  1. Check the outer diameter of the piston, a condition of pistons and piston rings. Check a condition of a piston finger and openings under a finger in the piston. On release engines since 1984 check a gap between a rod and the piston.
  2. Check a condition of bolts of fastening of a flywheel.
  3. Oil engine inserts of radical bearings and establish them in covers of bearings. Lay a bent shaft in radical bearings. Establish covers of radical bearings.
  4. Tighten bolts of fastening of covers of radical bearings.
  5. Check an axial free wheeling of a bent shaft. If it more norm, replace persistent half rings in nests of the average radical bearing.
  6. Collect pistons with rods, oil engine working surfaces of inserts and establish them in rods and covers of rods. The tag on a cover of a rod has to be directed towards an inlet collector, and the shooter to the piston bottom — towards the camshaft drive.
  7. Arrange locks of piston rings at an angle 120 °. At the same time they should not be along an axis of a bent shaft and perpendicular to it. At the same time the teflon directing plug of a spring of an oil scraper ring has to be from above the ring lock.
  8. By means of the device for tightening of piston rings insert into cylinders pistons with rods. Establish conrod covers and tighten bolts of their fastening.
  1. Check a vystupaniye of pistons in VMT over the plane of the block of cylinders.
  1. Establish the holder of a back epiploon on a flange of a bent shaft.
  2. Put on an epiploon adaptation 102 589 00 43 00 and press it in the holder (in spare parts the epiploon with the edge shifted on 3 mm towards the engine to avoid sliding of a working edge of a new epiploon on the surface of sliding of an old epiploon is delivered.
  3. Establish a gear wheel of a bent shaft, having directed its bore to an adjusting corbel.
  4. Establish the leading pro-rate of the oil pump.
  5. Establish an intermediate shaft with a persistent half ring.
  6. Wrap a lock bolt.
  7. Install the ignition sensor distributor.
  8. Establish a boot of a pusher of the tension device.
  9. Put on a camshaft drive chain.
  10. Establish the lower uspokoitel of a chain.
  11. Establish the holder передн го an epiploon of a bent shaft.
  12. Establish a camshaft drive cover with new laying (pay attention to various length of bolts of its fastening).
  13. Wrap bolts of fastening of an oil receiver to the 2nd radical bearing.
  14. Mandrel 102 589 000 14 00 press a new forward epiploon of a bent shaft.
  15. Insert a spline into a groove of the cranked hall.
  16. Put a nave of a pulley of a bent shaft.
  17. Establish an engine case.
  18. Block a flywheel of a clamp and tighten a bolt of fastening of a pulley with three washers.
  19. Establish a pulley on a nave.
  20. Turn a bent shaft to an exit of the piston of the 1st cylinder in VMT.
  21. Establish a head of cylinders.
  22. Install the tension device of a chain of the drive of the camshaft.
  23. Install on the engine an oil filter, the ignition sensor distributor, the generator, the pump of the hydraulic booster of steering, a starter, inlet and final collectors.