2.8.6. Dismantling of the engine

Details of the block of cylinders of the engine M 102

1 — the block of cylinders
2 — the holder of a back epiploon of a bent shaft
3 — a cover of the distributive mechanism
4 — an oil case
5 — a forward epiploon of a bent shaft
6 — a back epiploon of a bent shaft
7 — laying of an oil case

8 — a cover of the radical bearing
9 — a centering pin
10 — a stopper
11 — a cap
12 — the index for installation of the moment of ignition
13 — the fuel pump
14 — an adjusting pin


  1. Remove the power unit.
  2. Disconnect the transmission from the engine.
  3. Install the engine on a support.
  4. Remove the generator, a starter, inlet and final collectors, the pump of the hydraulic booster of steering from the engine.
  5. Remove a head of cylinders.
  6. Take out the oil probe.
  7. Block a flywheel a clamp and turn off bolts of fastening of a pulley of a bent shaft.
  8. Remove an oil case of the engine.
  9. Remove the water pump.
  10. Turn off a bolt of fastening of a nave of a pulley of a bent shaft.
  11. Remove a pulley from a nave and take a nave.
  12. Uncover the camshaft drive.

On engines M 102


  1. Uncover the oil pump and take out gear wheels.
  2. Remove the ignition sensor distributor.
  3. Turn off a lock bolt of a persistent half ring of an intermediate shaft.
  4. Remove a persistent half ring and take out an intermediate shaft.
  5. Take out a clamp from a flywheel.
  6. Turn off bolts of fastening of a flywheel and remove a flywheel from a bent shaft.
  7. Turn the engine and uncover rods. Be convinced available tags (number of cylinders) from an inlet collector on covers of rods.
  8. Take out via cylinders pistons with rods and put covers of rods according to numbering of cylinders.
  9. Take a piston finger, having removed a lock ring.
  10. Apply tags on the piston, a rod and a piston finger.
  11. Remove a pro-rate of the drive of the oil pump.
  12. Remove an asterisk of a bent shaft.
  13. Uncover radical bearings of a bent shaft.
  14. Take out a bent shaft from nests of bearings, remove inserts.
  15. Check if necessary a condition of the oil pump.
  16. Clear and check a condition of all details.