Removal and installation of the oil pump of engines M 102

Section of the oil pump of the M102 engine


The oil pump can be removed on the car, previously having uncovered the distributive mechanism.

Lubricant of an intermediate shaft

And — on carburetor engines
B — on engines with fuel injection

1 — the clown of the fuel pump

2 — an oil supply tube to the clown


  1. Disconnect a maslozaborny pipe from a pump cover.
  2. Uncover the oil pump.
  3. Take out gear wheels of the oil pump.
  4. Check a condition of gear wheels, put them into place and check gaps.
  5. At hard rotation of gear wheels, excess of extreme values of gaps, and also at damage of gear wheels replace all set of gear wheels.


At installation replace all epiploons and pay attention to the provision of laying of the soaking-up pipeline and an inhaling of a bolt of fastening of a nave of a pulley of a bent shaft. Fill in engine oil.

The asterisk of the drive of the oil pump can be established only in one situation. Installation of the oil pump is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.

Installation of an asterisk of the oil pump (shooters showed a convex part which has to be directed to the oil pump)