2.9.1. Removal of engines M 110 and M 123

System of production of the fulfilled gases (FG)

Above — carburetor engines
below — engines with fuel injection

1 — a reception pipe
2, 4 — the central muffler
3 — the back muffler
5 — catalytic converter

6 — an arm of fastening of a reception pipe to the transmission
7 — laying
8 — collars

Removal of engines M 110 and M 123

The engine can be removed from the car separately or as a part of the power unit. Lump of both the engine, and the power unit are very considerable. It is recommended to remove the engine separately with use of a waist and the assistant.

Connector of a bunch of wires of the engine

Connection of the top hose to a thermostat casing

Detachment of the line of pressure of oil

Engine mount damper

Arrangement of a crossing point of grounding of the engine

Otvertyvaniye of the top bolts of KP and transmission by means of a face head with the extender

Removal of through bolts of an engine mount

Removal of the engine


  1. Fix a cowl in vertical position or remove absolutely.
  2. Disconnect the negative plug from the rechargeable battery.
  3. Merge cooling liquid.
  4. Remove a radiator and the fan of the cooling system.
  5. Remove fastening of the compressor of the conditioner, take him aside and fix.
  6. Disconnect hoses from the pump of the amplifier of steering, close channels caps.
  7. Remove the air cleaner and disconnect drafts of management of a butterfly valve of the carburetor, and also where it is necessary, elements of system of injection.
  8. Mark and record (write down) installation sites of all electrosockets removed from the engine.
  9. Disconnect heater hoses, the remained hoses of the cooling system and all vacuum hoses.
  10. Disconnect fuel hoses, and also the delivery oil highway.
  11. Tighten the parking brake, lift a forward part of the car and put on racks (support).
  12. On the models equipped with the automatic transmission (AT) merge liquid (oil) and disconnect a tube of the oil probe from an inlet collector. Disconnect pipelines from the oil heater and remove elements of their fastening on the power unit. Turn off bolts of a forward cover of transmission and fastening of a drive plate to the hydrotransformer. Establish two bolts on cover top.
  13. Disconnect a wire of "weight" and turn off nuts from shock-absorbers of support on a forward cross-piece.
  14. Remove system of production of the fulfilled gases (FG).
  15. Remove a starter.
  16. Establish a support under KP. Turn off bolts of fastening of a back cross-piece from the kuzovaa bottom slightly lower knot. Turn out all bolts of fastening of transmission to the engine by means of face keys with extenders from a back part to get access to the top bolts. At all removed bolts establish a back cross-piece on the body bottom.
  17. By means of an internal six-sided face key turn off the lower bolts of fastening. If bolts are jammed, disconnect an engine mount from a body together with the shielding guard.
  18. Slightly lift a forward part of the engine waist chains, attached to engine mounts.
  19. Remove the engine from support and give it forward (a forward part of the engine is raised) to a detachment of primary (leader) shaft of KP (or from the hydrotransformer). On models with AKP you monitor connection of the oil pump with the hydrotransformer.
  20. Take the engine from a motor compartment, trying not to touch surrounding elements. Record KP on a body.