2.9.10. Removal of rods and pistons


  1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders, a forward epiploon of a bent shaft and the oil pump.
  2. Pick up the oil return phone, a tube of the oil probe from a pallet casing. If it is necessary, insert from below a cap from soft metal.
  3. Turn off bolts of an arm of fastening of the generator if it is necessary.
  4. Turn off bolts and nuts and remove a pallet casing from a case. Separate the lower half of a back epiploon of a bent shaft by means of the lever.
  5. Check existence of tags on covers of conrod bearings and if it is necessary, their otmarkiruyta by means of a center punch according to numbers of rods and cylinders.
  6. Turn a bent shaft so that the conrod neck of the 1st cylinder reached extreme lower position, then turn off nuts and uncover the bearing easy blows of the wooden hammer. Leave bearing inserts in a rod and a cover.
  7. Move the piston with a rod up the cylinder the handle of the hammer and take out them at the top the block of cylinders. Acquire a cover on a rod.
  8. Repeat the operations described above on the piston and a rod in the 6th cylinder, and then on the 2nd and 5th, 3rd and 4th cylinders.