2.9.11. Removal of a bent shaft and radical bearings

Removal of an asterisk and distributive chain


  1. Take out pistons or as option, disconnect radical bearings if it is not necessary to make any operations on pistons and cylinders. Remove also gear wheels of a camshaft (shaft), a forward epiploon of a bent shaft and a flywheel (drive plate).
  2. Turn out bolts of an intermediate disk from a back part of the block of cylinders.
  3. Exempt a chain from a forward asterisk of a bent shaft and remove an asterisk, having hooked it the lever. Remove a chain.
  4. If it is necessary, turn off camshaft arm bolts from a forward part of the block of cylinders and remove the safety (reducing) valve of the lubrication system. Also, if it is required, remove the lower guide of a chain.
  5. Check existence of tags on covers of radical bearings and if it is necessary, make new tags.
  6. Before removal of a bent shaft be convinced that its axial gap is in the set limits. For this purpose insert a probe plate between a cheek of a bent shaft and a persistent surface of an insert of the 2nd bearing
  7. Turn off bolts and, easily tapping on covers of radical bearings, remove them together with inserts of bearings.
  8. Take a bent shaft from a case up.
  9. Take out bearing inserts from covers and a case, having made them tags of a relative positioning. Also take out (lever) the top half of a back epiploon of a bent shaft of a case.