Survey and restoration of rods and bearings

Defect of the bearing of a big head of a rod can be determined by knock in a case and to falling of level of pressure.


  1. Examine whether is not present on the surface of conrod bearings of a vykrashivaniye and zadir. Replace inserts where it is necessary, new the same size. If the bent shaft was перешлифован — new inserts of conrod bearings of the corresponding reduced repair size.
  2. Check each rod for a bend, twisting and you watch that corresponded to diameter of a hairpin.
  3. Put rods assembled with inserts on the corresponding conrod necks of a bent shaft and tighten bolts of covers of bearings till the specified moment. Check radial shift for compliance to specifications. If radial smeshche ny it is too big, replace connecting rods new.
  4. To remove the piston from a rod, remove a spring lock ring from both ends of a piston finger and beat out it from a small head of a rod. It is not necessary to heat pistons since piston fingers are established in them on floating landing.
  5. If it is necessary, replace the plug of a small head of a rod and a piston finger. The difference in the weight of any couple from six rods should not exceed 5,0 g.
  6. Install the piston in situation in which the arrow on its bottom is turned forward, and pads of inserts are directed to the left side of the engine.